SleepBe - Sleep To Earn

SleepBe is a unique blockchain-driven technology that helps you earn while you sleep. You can gift yourself NFT and use it for meditation & deep sleep therapy so that when you go to sleep, the bag on your bedside gets filled with more tokens. Sleep staging is essential for evaluating sleep and its disorders. Most sleep studies today incorporate contact sensors that may interfere with natural sleep and may bias results. Moreover, the availability of sleep studies is limited, and many people with sleep disorders remain undiagnosed.
SleepBe is a sleep-tracking app that provides users with multiple options to practice and uplift their minds. The application focuses on providing consistent rewards to users and offers psychological motivations like coins, discount vouchers, and other items if they complete certain milestones. The key motive of the company is to help customers grow by improving their overall well-being through the app while tracking the user’s progress and consistency.

Lack of Sleep..... Is this serious?

In today's world, lack of sleep is becoming a major cause of many health problems like depression, cardiac arrest, obesity, etc. There are some alarming figures found in the survey done by various research bodies which alarm us to start paying attention to our sleep from today onwards.
  • More than 42% of people sleep for less than 5 hours per day.
  • 20% of teenagers sleep for less than 5 hours per day
  • Health problems related to sleep have grown by 35% as compared to the last 5 years.
But do we really ignore sleep or we are struggling to find a permanent solution?
Study shows that people are ready to spend today on sleeping solutions like meditation, yoga for better sleep, breathing exercises, etc., and this market is projected to reach $137B by 2026. Increasing screen time and lack of motivation are becoming two main obstacles in this path and thus we developed SleepBe to solve this big problem.

How does SleepBe help you

SleepBe platform helps users to follow a healthy sleep pattern and also caters to their need to earn a passive income with the help of a unique Sleep to Earn Model.
This helps the users to experience mindfulness and motivates them to reduce their screen time.

The future of SleepBe

SleepBe strongly believes that a happy and healthy mind is the key to all your happiness and we aim to help people keep their minds relaxed and get a proper sleep so that the upcoming day becomes more energetic and positive. Our vision is to create a routine accompanied with a tracker helping the users to focus more on this neglected area of proper sleep and become more productive. In addition, our earning model helps the users to be efficient with consistent productivity and gives them the freedom to achieve health and mental calmness on the same platform.


Game Token - REMN
Governance Token - SBT
Note: SleepBe is currently under the Public Beta Phase, and we are working on implementing some new ideas in the system which will reflect here in the next update on 15th December 2022.
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